Apply To Be PA

We are always looking to grow our list of home health aides to assist consumers with basic needs in and around their home.

CDPAP stands for the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program. This program is made available through New York State Medicaid. It allows chronically ill or physically disabled consumers, who need help with everyday activities in their home, to take control of their healthcare by deciding who they want to help them with these tasks and to set their own aide schedule.

We are looking for experienced home health aides or personal assistants to provide the consumer with basic care for a few hours per week or work regular shifts. Along with doing routine chores the care recipient can no longer manage, such as laundry, cooking and shopping, the aides must be able to:

  • Assist with activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, eating, grooming, moving from one place to another, toileting and cleaning up afterward.
  • Check vital signs such as blood pressure, respiration and pulse.
  • Monitor a client’s physical and mental condition; level of exercise; and how much they are eating, drinking and going to the bathroom.
  • Handle emergencies such as an accident, heart attack or stroke.
  • Help advocate for their consumers’ needs

Home health aides must be compassionate, have good communication skills and outstanding attention to detail. No formal certification or training is required, as consumers will train their aides on a personalized, case-by-case basis.

If interested please submit resume cdpap@trustedchoicehomecare.com to or call 716-431-5550 for more information.