New York’s CDPA Program –
Caring for Elderly Loved Ones

What is the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP)?

CDPAP, offered through New York State Medicaid, is the provision of some or total assistance with personal care services, home health aide services and skilled nursing tasks by a consumer directed personal assistant. The personal assistant works under the instruction, supervision and direction of the consumer (or the consumer’s designated representative). CDPAP allows consumers to hire family members or friends to provide their authorized services.
Trusted Choice Homecare - What is CDPAP?

What is a Self-Directing Person?

A self-directing person:
  • Is able and willing (or has a designated representative who is able and willing) to make informed lifestyle choices, and more specifically, choices about the type and quality of services they receive. These services include but are not limited to nursing care, personal care, transportation, and respite services.
  • Has the ability to organize their environment to implement these choices.
  • Has the capability to understand the consequences of these choices and the willingness to take responsibility for them.

Fiscal Intermediary vs. Traditional Home Care Agency

Trusted Choice Homecare CDPAP
Unlike the traditional home care agency model, with a Fiscal Intermediary the aide is not an employee of a home care agency, but is instead an independent contractor, who is paid wages and benefits by a “fiscal intermediary,” an entity that contracts with either the county or a managed care plan to provide services authorized by that county or managed care plan. It is the fiscal intermediary that pays the aide wages and benefits.

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