Medicaid’s main objective since they opened in 1965 is to provide medical assistance to low-income families and individuals who lack the resources to cover health insurance and medical costs. All states provide these resources which provide coverage to low-income adults, children, elderly adults, people with disabilities and pregnant women. Although Medicaid can be easy to get for low-income individuals, it can still be difficult navigating the website and understanding all the information on there. If you are struggling to find out if you are eligible for Medicaid or not, then we have some tips to help you through the eligibility process.


Largest Healthcare Program

Medicaid is one of the largest healthcare programs in the United States since it covers people of all ages from the elderly right down to young children. The exact number of Americans who are covered by Medicaid is 72.5 million in the United States because of how it is a joint federal and state program that allows anyone to be covered that meets the requirements.


Who Can Get Medicaid?

As mentioned above, the people who are eligible for Medicaid are low-income and who have a disability, elderly adults, children, adults caring for children and pregnant women and the list can go on depending on what they state decides to cover. If you are currently working and are a household that is making below 138% of the federal poverty level then you don’t have to worry about searching for health insurance that you can’t even pay for because you and your household are eligible for Medicaid. For example, a single individual who is making $12,490 a year will qualify while a household of two will have to be making $16,910 and it goes up as household size increases.

  • Citizenship

Medicaid also is only available for U.S. citizens, legal immigrants, state residents, and permanent residents. For example, if you have barely moved to Texas a month ago then it might take up to six months to show proof that you are a permanent resident which allows you to be eligible for Medicaid assistance.

  • More Eligibility Requirements

You must be 65 or older if you are attempting to apply for Medicaid, have a permanent disability that has been recognized by the Social Security Administration, be blind, a pregnant woman, be a child, or a parent or caretaker of a child.


Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI)

Medicaid goes by your MAGI, which goes by your taxable income and deductions such as Social Security (SSI), individual retirement contributions and tax-exempt interest. To better understand what MAGI is, you can look at your adjusted taxable income on your tax return and it should be identical or close to that amount on the return.


What Does it Cover?

If you are wondering if Medicaid is even worth the effort, then the answer is yes because it covers more than you think it does. If you need to get dental work done then it is covered along with dentures, you will also be able to get help with getting eyeglasses or contacts, diabetes services, kidney dialysis services, labs and x-rays and many, many more. Medicaid offers more than a dozen ways to help those who are covered by it including transportation help, physical therapy, podiatry services, chiropractic services, hospice care and so on.


How to Apply?

Applying for Medicaid has become increasingly easy over the years as a result of technology. If you are interested in applying for benefits for yourself then you have plenty of options to choose from to process your application. You can use the mobile application and send it through there, go on the website on your computer or tablet, call on the phone or head down in person to speak to someone face-to-face or even fill out the application and send it through the mail. If you have any problems in completing the application, Medicaid offers ways to get your application processed from using a translator, receiving a ride to head down to the office and more.


When Can You Apply?

Although private health insurance can open and close their enrollment period for potential applicants to apply for their insurance, Medicaid does not restrict their clients. Anyone can apply any time of the year for a government application.