2024 brought significant updates to Medicaid eligibility in New York State for individuals aged 65+ and those with disabilities.

Interested in understanding the new Medicaid eligibility criteria for yourself or someone close? You’re at the right place! Here, we’ll explain the key changes to Medicaid access that were implemented.

Medicaid Requirements for 2024








How Does New York State’s Medicaid Differ from Other Programs?

Each state manages its own Medicaid programs, which means coverage and benefits vary. According to a Quote Wizard study, New York State offers the top Medicaid coverage in the nation, based on physician service costs, funding per beneficiary, and state funding contribution.

What Else Does Your Medicaid Eligibility Give You Access To?

New York’s Medicaid allows individuals with chronic illnesses or disabilities to hire their own home care assistants through the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP). Trusted Choice Homecare can assist with accessing this program, handling assessments, and other necessary steps since becoming a Fiscal Intermediary for New York State CDPA in November 2016. Even if you’re not yet enrolled in Medicaid, Trusted Choice can provide guidance.

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