In a recent feature on Daytime Buffalo, our very own Outreach Specialist Carey Creenan returned to the basics of Consumer Directed Personal Assistance. Watch the segment here or read a recap below!

What Services does Trusted Choice Homecare Offer?

Trusted Choice Homecare plays a key role in the Western New York CDPA community by stepping in as a Fiscal Intermediary. This setup allows loved ones to become paid caregivers, which is a game-changer. It means care is provided by those who know the patient best – family and friends. It’s a stark contrast to a common scenario where strangers step in to help. With CDPA, it’s all about adding a personal touch and strengthening trust.

The Trusted Choice Difference: Local in the Western New York Community

Our unique edge stems from our roots in Western New York, giving us a local touch that truly sets us apart. Being based in this area is crucial for us; it means we can personally visit our consumers’ homes during the crucial onboarding phase. This face-to-face interaction at the start is invaluable, allowing us to tailor the setup to each individual’s needs and address any questions or concerns on the spot. Beyond just getting started, we remain deeply committed to our community through regular engagement.

Every quarter, we organize events right here in Western New York. These gatherings are a cornerstone of our approach, offering a platform where both consumers and caregivers can connect directly with us. During these events, we share the latest program updates and provide a space for open dialogue. This direct, ongoing communication ensures everyone involved is not just informed but also feels part of a supportive community.

Getting Started with Care

Jumping into the CDPA is straightforward for those on Medicaid and approved for Long-Term Care (LTC) hours by New York State. And for those wrestling with Medicaid’s ins and outs, Trusted Choice Homecare is there to guide you through, ensuring everyone who needs care, gets it.

The impact of Trusted Choice Homecare and the CDPA is huge – it’s not just about providing care, but about reimagining what home care can be, with a big dose of community and compassion. If you’re in Buffalo or beyond and looking for a care approach that feels more like family, Trusted Choice Homecare is leading the way.

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