Navigating the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) offers an empowering choice for those eligible for Medicaid who require home care: the ability to select their caregiver.

This isn’t just about care; it’s about connection, independence, and dignity.

We’re here to walk you through this decision, ensuring you find someone who’s not just a helper, but a true extension of your family.

Understanding CDPAP and Your Unique Needs

CDPAP is more than a program; it’s a pathway to personalized care, empowering you to choose who supports your day-to-day life. The first step? Knowing exactly what you need and desire in a caregiver.

1. Chart Your Care Map

Let’s break down your daily routines and care into a simple list. Whether it’s assistance with morning routines, managing medications, or just having someone to share stories with, recognizing your needs is where we start.

2. The Heart of Compatibility

Finding the right assistant goes beyond skills. It’s about finding a heart connection — someone whose presence brightens your day and whose values resonate with yours.

3. Our Community, Your Resource

The beauty of CDPAP is the ability to choose someone from your own life’s circle. This could be a friend, a neighbor, or even a relative (with a few exceptions). It’s care that comes with familiarity and trust.

Learn more about who is eligible here. 

4. The Conversation That Matters

When you chat with potential assistants, think of it as getting to know a new friend. Ask about their life, their passions, and how they handle tough situations.

This conversation is the key to finding someone who truly fits into your life.

5. Trust, But Verify

For those new to your circle, a little homework goes a long way. A quick check on their references can tell you loads about their reliability and the care they’ve provided others.

6. Keeping It Straightforward

Handling someone’s payroll might seem daunting, but it’s part of making sure everything’s above board. We’re here to guide you through this, making it as simple and clear as possible.


Choosing your CDPAP assistant is a journey we’re passionate about. It’s not just about finding someone qualified; it’s about finding someone who brings warmth, understanding, and joy into your home. With a bit of heart and guidance, you’ll find that perfect match.

Are you ready to find someone who’s more than a caregiver, but a true part of your life? Begin with us today.

Your perfect assistant is closer than you think, and we’re here to help every step of the way.