The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA) program offers vital services that empower consumers by allowing them to select and manage their own caregivers. This unique approach has seen widespread adoption, but recent changes threaten to reshape the landscape of how these services are delivered.

To help clarify these changes, our Outreach Specialist, Carey Creenan, recently appeared on Daytime Buffalo to discuss the impact of these modifications on the program and what it means for consumers and caregivers alike.

You can watch the segment below, and read a little bit more about what was discussed!


Services Offered by the CDPA Program

At its core, the CDPA program is designed to put control back in the hands of consumers who require personal assistance services. This includes the freedom to hire, train, and supervise their own caregivers, enabling a personalized care approach that respects the consumer’s lifestyle and preferences.

Recent Changes to the Program

Recently, significant modifications have been introduced to the CDPA program. A major overhaul has threatened elimination of consumer choice by proposing to consolidate over 600 Fiscal Intermediaries (FIs) into a single statewide FI, with only a few subcontractors allowed per region.

This change was implemented following a mini-bid process that lacked the typical oversight protocols. Such a drastic reduction from 600 existing FIs to a centralized model is set to transform how services are administered, potentially limiting the personalized nature that defines the CDPA program.

Impact on the CDPA Program

The consolidation poses several challenges:

  • Service Disruption: Approximately 50,000 consumers might experience disruptions in their services, similar to difficulties observed in other states that have attempted similar consolidations
  • Caregiver Enrollment: Over 300,000 caregivers will need to transition and enroll with the new statewide FI. This massive shift raises concerns about administrative bottlenecks and payment delays
  • Consumer Transition: More than 200,000 consumers will be required to move from their current FIs to the singular state-appointed entity, which may not only be disruptive but could also lead to a temporary loss of services.

Advice for Prospective Program Participants

For those interested in the CDPA program or those affected by the recent changes, it’s crucial to approach the information critically:

  • Stay Informed: Don’t believe everything you read online or hear secondhand. Misinformation can create unnecessary panic and confusion.
  • Reach Out: Contact us directly for reliable information and assistance. Whether you are a new participant looking to navigate the enrollment process or an existing member affected by the transition, we are here to help.

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