In the past few months, our entire world has changed immensely due to the COVID-19 epidemic that was discovered in December 2019. As a result, hospitals have been flooded with patients seeking care all over the world making the current number of cases globally 2,665,122 with 185,494 deaths. Although the disease is considered 80% mild according to the CDC, it can turn fatal because the virus attacks the lungs and it can result in serious complications for the remaining people who fall ill to this virus and 6% of these patients will end up in intensive care suffering from respiratory failure, septic shock, and multi-organ failure according to the World Health Organization (WHO).


What are the Symptoms?

According to the CDC, the symptoms can appear in 2 days or 14 days after exposure to the virus. The symptoms of the COVID-19 are a fever of 100.4 degrees F or 38 degrees C, a cough, shortness of breath (difficulty breathing), and a sore throat. If you begin to feel flu or cold symptoms, then it is recommended to monitor your health closely and contact your healthcare provider.


How it is Spread?

Although public health officials are still learning more and more about the virus, they believe that the virus is spread from person-to-person who are within 6 feet of each other. through respiratory droplets when a person coughs, talks, or sneezes which can land in another person’s mouth, nose, or can be inhaled into the lungs and it can be spread by encountering contaminated surfaces and objects.


How Can You Stay Protected?

To protect yourself from becoming sick with this virus, you must abide by the restrictions set forth by the state that you are living at. It is recommended to avoid all unnecessary events, travel, and any type of interaction. It is also important to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if water and soap are not available if we do out in public. It is advised to cover your mouth and avoid touching your faces with unwashed hands and to avoid shaking hands with others while practicing social distancing.

TCH has cloth masks and if you would like to request one for yourself and your assigned PAs, please reach out to your TCH Program Manager.


Reach Out if You Have Questions

If you are experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID-19 and do not have a pre-existing health condition such as asthma or emphysema, then it is crucial to contact your healthcare provider before seeking treatment in person. Lastly, if you rely on respiratory devices or other medical equipment then you will need to develop a plan with your medical provider to obtain more if it is needed without having to go out in public to do so.

If you know anyone (loved ones or a personal assistant (PA)) who currently has COVID-19 who comes in contact with you then it is important to speak to them about staying home and be sure to keep all of the PAs contact information. If your schedule or authorized hours are not fully staffed, then it is crucial to gather reasons (lack of cleaning supplies or someone is infected) as to why the staff is not there. If it is the latter, then it is important to contact 9-1-1 in the case that there is an immediate danger because the personal assistant has become sick or has not shown up for that reason.

If your personal assistant does become sick, then it is important to have a back-up plan in place with a primary caretaker if your PA cannot fulfill their schedule. If there is not a plan in place, then it is important to call your insurance case manager (CM) or your TCH Program Manager to discuss what other alternatives are there for you.

For those with authorization expiring before June 1, 2020, FIDELIS has suspended all assessments. You will have to call your case manager once the call ends to schedule an assessment/MD appointment. Also, keep a list of case managers you need to email after you are done with your calls.

For more information on income for personal assistants, please continue monitoring Governor’s Cuomo’s unemployment initiative plan. You can also be placed on a short-term disability claim through us


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