The thought of having a good work-life balance is something that everyone yearns for no matter what type of career they have. Although we strive to have a good balance with our work, social life and personal life, it does not always happen that way. Attempting to have it all is not always feasible because when we are excelling in one area, another area is being taken for granted. However, this does not mean that it is impossible. On the contrary, if we are trying to focus on more than just our work life then it means we are headed in the right direction. Although our “me time” may seem out of our reach, especially when our job is to care for a family member or an elderly person, it does not mean that we can’t stop and taking a breath. If you are the type who is focused solely on work, then we have some tips to help you when you might become overwhelmed or feel overworked and guide you on how to take care of yourself too.


Find an Outlet

When our work takes up a good chunk of our lives, we can’t just allow ourselves to forget about everything else that is important to us. Although our careers bring us financial security while our hobbies are just for our happiness and heart, it does not mean that we should cease to do the things that make us happy and sane.

There are lots of ways for us to relax and keep us happy from hanging out with friends and family, shopping, exercising, painting, boxing, singing and more. It doesn’t matter what we choose to do if it is something that makes us feel good about ourselves and appreciative of the time being spent doing those activities.


Practice Self-Care

Practicing self-care goes together with finding an outlet for us to do besides focusing on work. When we practice self-care, it doesn’t matter what it is that we choose to do. We can go get a haircut, have a spa day, get our nails done, go to the gym or go for a hike. If we take care of our mental and physical health, we will avoid feeling burnt out from caring about another individual. A few other ways we can practice self-care is by unplugging for the day, doing something new, doing yoga, meet with a counselor or doctor, take a long, warm bath and more.


Ask for Help

When we start to feel overwhelmed and overworked, this is the time to seek help from either family members, employers, doctors or support groups for caregivers. Seeking help will allow us to relieve some stress that is understandably putting pressure on us due to either caring for older adults or caring for a relative.

Caregiving is a physically, mentally and emotionally demanding job and can make anyone feel tired and frustrated, especially after the tough days. However, when we begin having those feelings, it is ok to stop and take a break to seek outside help. By asking for outside help, it improves our work ethic, we focus better, and we aren’t easily flustered or frustrated.


Understand Your Feelings

If we are feeling stressed, fatigued and have signs of burnout among other problems then it is important to remember that these feelings are ok to be feeling. Caregiving can take a toll on us no matter how long we have been working as one whether it is a short amount of time or for years. Caregiver burnout can happen to anyone which is why it is crucial to keep in mind that we are not bad caregivers for having these emotions. When we begin feeling this way, it is best to take this time to focus on ourselves by taking a break, writing about how we feel and so on. This will help us evaluate our feelings and what we need to do to get us through this situation.


Take Paid Leave

Taking a break from working can help lower stress, helps with our mental health, improves productivity, focus and more which is why it is recommended to take a break every now and then. Although it is normal for most people to overwork and not take any days off, it does not mean that an occasional break from our chaotic work lives is prohibited. A caregiving job is important because caregivers help those who cannot help themselves. If we are feeling easily frustrated or depressed due to not having any time for ourselves, activities or loved ones then we will not be fully taking care of those who are under our care. As a result, these emotions can lead to us making multiple mistakes while we work or in our personal lives which can result in even worse problems.

The job of being a caregiver can be stressful & difficult independent of your situation or level of experience. The benefit of New York’s CDPA Program is that anyone who qualifies can supplement their income in the event they must quit their job to provide a caregiver role. This financial relief can help to alleviate much of the pressure caregivers deal with allowing them to focus on providing the best care possible rather than mounting bills. Being a caregiver is a selfless endeavor and the CDPA Program is designed to provide relief and assistance for the generous caregivers in New York state. Contact the team here at Trusted Choice Homecare today for assistance with understanding and applying for the CDPA Program.


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