Governor Cuomo recently threatened the quality of life for disabled people and elderly in New York State by proposing a budget that threatens to shut down the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, or CDPAP. Several hundred companies, like Trusted Choice Homecare, will be affected by these significant budget cuts. Over 100,000 people will lose their jobs and over 60,000 patients will be forced to transition into nursing homes, institutions of various kinds, or require more expensive home health care services offered by people they don’t know. Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPAP) services allow people who are eligible through Medicaid to direct their own care at home. CDPAP enables these individuals to choose the staff they’d like to work with instead of having some agency pick an aide to work with them. First, the person on Medicaid needs to be approved for help gaining assistance with their care. Then, the individual in question uses a fiscal intermediary to supervise the programs day-to-day services. CDPAP works with self-directing individuals who can make informed decisions about their care or the care of someone for which they are responsible. Choices are made about nursing and personal care as well as respite services and transportation. The person in question who directs care can understand the consequences of decisions made, and the ability to organize the client’s environment so that the client can be cared for properly.

Trusted Choice Homecare and other similar fiscal intermediaries provide a vast number of services that help their clients thrive in their current setting. Fiscal intermediaries assist the client with designating a family member or other qualified individual who speaks the same language they do and is familiar with the client’s culture. When the client remains comfortable in their surroundings, they experience a higher quality of life and excellent care that encourages their independence. These benefits remain in danger and jeopardy due to Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget reductions. Martin Vidal, who is the CEO of Trusted Choice Homecare, stated  that “I don’t think the Governor has seriously considered the consequences of this decision. This could force hundreds of people who rely on this program in our community to find other alternatives for their care. It could mean going to nursing homes or having a constant rotation of home care aides with whom they are unfamiliar or uncomfortable. The impact that this will have on the quality of life for those who use this
program cannot be overstated.” Taxpayers will also feel the impact of the proposed budget cuts when these individuals end up with home care and nursing home care because of these services a significantly more expensive than those provided by CDPAP.

Please contact Governor Cuomo and let him know that CDPAP services need to continue. The state of New York developed this program, which has become a model for the rest of the countries in the US. To voice an opinion and your support for the
CDPAP’s funding, read more at https://cdpaanys.org/advocacy-news/votervoice-actioncenter/.