As the holidays begin approaching, we might be focusing on what we have to do to spread the holiday cheer to our loved ones, especially the children. We might be thinking about millions of things that you have to do like holiday shopping, holiday events, preparing for your upcoming vacation and more.

Instead of just focusing on checking off your holiday list of things to do, you might want to pencil in some time for all of your loved ones, especially your grandparents, parents and so on. Although this time of year can make us feel overwhelmed with everything that we are already preoccupied thinking about, we must not forget about our elderly loved ones. This is the time of year when our loved ones will be waiting to hear from us and see us, which is why spending time with them is important.

Although it is sometimes difficult to take some time out of our busy day to visit anyone, especially our elderly loved ones who are tucked away in an assisted living facility, it does not mean that it should stop us from seeing them. When we visit anyone, even our loved ones, it makes us feel happier that we were able to enjoy some quality time with them. This is the time of year that helps us cherish everything in our lives and that quality time with our loved ones is a must because it is not only special for us but them too.

Holiday Traditions

After you have set some time to spend with your elderly family, you can get them ready and excited for the holidays by bringing some holiday traditions to their door. Whatever your tradition was growing up with your family, showing that you did not forget those special days by bringing any past tradition with you will make a memorable visit for both you and your loved ones.

Holiday Treats

If your loved one was always in the kitchen baking or cooking, then bringing some treats and dishes with you will make their day even better. The holidays are meant to have cookies, candy and so on and bringing them with you will make the day even more festive. You can even bring extra to share with their friends too.

Holiday Decor

Tis the season to add colorful lights, Grinch wreaths, sparkly garlands and more to your home so why not bring some along for your visit to your elderly family member? Everyone loves decorations, but not everyone can put them up like they previously could when they were younger. Adding even the smallest holiday decorations can brighten up anyone’s place. However, if your loved one is currently staying in an assisted living facility then check with their guidelines before heading out the door filled with Christmas decorations.


Although visiting family may not be possible for everyone even during the holidays, you can still bring all of the family with you in the form of pictures. In this day and age, we are attached to our phones and cameras so why not print some photos out and frame them to bring to your loved ones? These photos will add to the joy of your visit and they will be cherished by your loved one as they look back and think about what they represent to them.

Mood Changes

When you visit anyone, you are there to spend time with them and have a conversation about everything that is going on in both of your lives. During the holidays, depression seems to affect everyone including the elderly so keep an eye out for any mood changes and signs of sadness. If you notice any signs, be sure to listen to them and speak to anyone if you see any alarming signs that may need to be evaluated. These mood changes can really affect their health which is why keeping an eye out for them is essential. Lastly, if you want to really help your loved ones then plan your visit with some activities in it like going out and looking at Christmas lights or working on a puzzle. Taking part in anything that they love will really help turn their mood around and get them in the holiday spirit.

Holiday Gathering

The holidays are meant to be spent with friends and family so turning your visit into a small party no matter if it is at an assisted living facility or their own home can it even more special. Be sure to speak to the facility beforehand to ensure everything goes smoothly. The most important thing to keep in mind when visiting your loved one is to just spend quality time with them no matter if it is doing crafts, looking at old videos and photos or listening to holiday music.