CDPAP Success Story: Valerie Simmons

CDPA consumer and Western New York resident Valerie Simmons sat down to share her story with us. Watch her share her experience switching to the Trusted Choice Homecare CDPA program below!


Name: Valerie Simmons
Location: Buffalo, NY
Years spent with Trusted Choice Homecare: 5 years

In the realm of personal care, the bond between a consumer and their care provider is not just built on services rendered but on trust, respect, and understanding. At Trusted Choice Homecare, we pride ourselves on fostering these values. One such story that stands out is that of Valerie Simmons, who has been with us since 2018. Her experience highlights the impact of compassionate care and the importance of trust in a healthcare setting.

Valerie’s Switch to Trusted Choice Homecare

Valerie’s journey with us began in 2018, a decision prompted by a concerning experience with her previous agency. She had faced issues related to the violation of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations, which govern the privacy and security of personal health information. This breach not only compromised her trust in that agency but also her sense of security. It was then that Valerie turned to Trusted Choice Homecare, seeking a partnership that respected her rights and provided high-quality care.

A Team Like Family:

One of the aspects Valerie cherishes most about Trusted Choice Homecare is the accessibility and warmth of our team. She often mentions how the staff are like family to her, always there when she needs them, and going above and beyond in their care. This sense of belonging and support is what we strive to provide to all our consumers, ensuring that they are not just receiving care but are part of a community that genuinely cares for them.

Enhanced Quality of Life:

For Valerie, the transition to Trusted Choice Homecare has been life-changing. She emphasizes how the quality of her life has significantly improved since she started receiving care from us. The worries and logistical issues that once plagued her experience with her previous agency are no longer a concern. Now, she can focus on living her life to the fullest, assured that her care needs are being met without hassle.

A High Recommendation:

Valerie’s experience with our agency has been so positive that she highly recommends Trusted Choice Homecare to anyone considering joining the CDPA program. Her endorsement stems from her firsthand experience with our commitment to providing not just care, but care that respects the dignity, privacy, and needs of our consumers.

Valerie Simmons’ story is a powerful testament to the difference that compassionate, respectful, and professional care can make in a person’s life. At Trusted Choice Homecare, we are proud to have played a part in enhancing Valerie’s quality of life and are committed to continuing to provide exceptional care to all our consumers. If you or a loved one is considering the CDPA program, we invite you to join our family and experience the Trusted Choice Homecare difference.

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